About Cafe Berezka

In the early fifties, in a building on Victory Square, in the area where now houses the cafe "Berezka", is the first shop to sell cars in Minsk was opened. Here the happy buyers can purchase as many as three models of passenger cars, "Victory", "Moskvich" and "ZIM".
In 1958 motor show has been redeveloped particularly in Byelorussia diner booth, where everything was done so that everyone can eat as soon as possible - with the staff Visitors found only at the box office, where the buying counter.
In 1967, instead of the Soviet "fast food", it was discovered to this day known to every citizen of Minsk youth cafe "Berezka".
Working hours: Mon-Sun 12.00 - 02.00

Accept: Visa, Mastercard

Сuisine: European, Belarusian, Asian